Hi, I'm Ali Shearman

It's so nice to meet you!

I'm a trained writer and geologist, as well as a slightly outspoken environmentalist.  But hey, I believe in advocating for what you believe in.

I worked as a geologist in the petroleum industry for nearly six years before I finally made my escape.  I consider that time to be my Sheep in Wolf 's Clothing phase (I did my best to change pack mentality).  Now, I am pursuing my dreams of writing professionally and inspiring environmental change. 

My favorite things in life are spending time with animals, reading all the books, getting amongst nature, laughing uncontrollably (until I think I might pass out), experiencing new places, eating too much dessert, and writing!

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Discovering the Much

What does it mean?

The phrase "discovering the much" comes from one of my favorite books, Italo Calvino's Invisible Cities (translated by William Weaver). 

"The traveler recognizes the little that is his.
Discovering the much he has not had and will never had."
Invisible Cities
By Italo Calvino

Those three words stood out to me the first time I read Invisible Cities.  Something about the "much" was intriguing to me.  What is it exactly?  Well, I figure it's something that can only be discovered.

Calvino was specifically talking about travelers and their "much" to be discovered.  But I have come to realize that the much is universal.  You don't have to be a traveler.

The much can be discovered right in your hometown.  It's something that curious people are looking for in their everyday life. 

The much is what's meaningful to an individual.  We're all just trying to find our own.

For me, the much revolves around three topics -- the very three that Discovering the Much is all about.  Environmentalism, traveling, and creativity (more specifically, writing).

Join me in discovering the much -- your much.  What's yours?  Cuddly puppies?  Backyard barbecue?  Swimming pools?  Maybe the zombie apocalypse?

I'd love to hear about your much.  Get in touch if you'd love to share.

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